A responsible solution for the environment

Refrigeration technology has long since become indispensable in our globally networked industry. Wherever sensitive goods such as food need to be stored properly, it depends on the right temperature and humidity to ensure durability and freshness. The principle of refrigeration always remains the same, but external influences and the individual needs of each individual customer present a challenge that requires professional and precise planning.

We advise and realize projects in the private sector as well as in the catering and industrial sectors. Even during operation, we are always there for you and your system. We carry out all necessary repairs, maintenance, service work and leak testings on your refrigeration system accurately and professionally.

Our services:

- Tailor-made cold room construction

- Finished coldrooms

- Refrigeration units

- Refrigerated rooms

- Compound plants

- Heat recovery

- Normal refrigeration

- Deep-freezing

- Cold stores

- Ice maker

- Gastro refrigerators

- Wine refrigerators

- Wine refrigerated warehouses