Heat pumps

The best solution for the environment

Each heat pump is also a refrigeration system. The operating principle is the same. It is withdrawn from a medium (air / water) heat energy, transported through the refrigeration circuit and discharged at the place to be used again (air / water). Anyone who would like to produce heat efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner today is in the right state-of-the-art with a heat pump in the future.

Make a positive contribution to environmental protection and separate from night storage stoves, electric water heaters, obsolete heating pumps and fossil heaters with low efficiency. We plan and advise you regardless of manufacturer in your project.

Our service:

- Heat pumps (air/water)

- Reversible heat pumps

- Waste heat recovery by other energy sources

- Workshop heating

- Production halls heaters

- Hydraulic concepts for the use of heat and cooling halls heaters

- Industrial heat pumps

- Propane heat pumps

- Ammonia heat pumps