The history of Klimaprofi GmbH


Founding of the professional refrigeration and air conditioning systems by Marcel Broutin


Founding of Klimaprofi GmbH and takeover of business customers


Well-deserved retirement of Marcel Broutin after 11 years of self-employment


Business takeover by Mateusz Winniczuk and change of domicile from Dietikon to Oberhasli ZH


5-year company anniversary of Klimaprofi GmbH with a new design and website

Mateusz Winniczuk

CEO and skilled refrigeration engineer

In 2005, I started my 3.5-year apprenticeship as a refrigeration plant builder in Düsseldorf at KKL. My enthusiasm for the activity grew more and more every year. The skills of the management and the competence of the entire team gave me the opportunity for personal and professional development. So I was accepted into the service team early. In order to go a long way into self-employment, I made the decision in 2012 to attend the master's education. Thanks to the unique and interesting job offer at Zurich Airport, I seized the opportunity of professional development and moved to Switzerland. The main field of activity industrial refrigeration and project structure energy center A4 belonged to my main task. This opened up possibilities and perspectives for new career goals. All this I owe to each and every one of the airport team who together have an immense wealth of experience and competence. In 2017 I took over the Climate Professional GmbH. I am looking forward to this new task and related opportunities and challenges.

Our philosophy

Our company philosophy "man, climate, environment" stands for our claim to always find the best solution. For our customers, we develop high-quality products and services in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology. We use state-of-the-art technology and drive the development of new and innovative processes. Quality, flexibility and customer orientation characterize our work. But as a company, it is important for us to take responsibility for the environment in which we operate. For our ecosystem and thus also each of our customers, we rely on sustainability, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly technologies in our daily work. So we only use as much material as necessary. The proper separation and disposal of materials is also part of it. Together with our partners, we realize small and large projects according to customer specifications regardless of manufacturer. Innovative, climate-neutral and environmentally friendly.