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Thanks to the air conditioning service provided by our Zurich region technicians (Rümlang, Niederglatt, Oberglatt, Niederhasli, Oberhasli, Dielsdorf, Bülach, Kloten), you can be sure that your air conditioning system is ready for the summer. After all, the best time to take care of the summer is before the heat comes. This will ensure that your air conditioner is working properly and you are not experiencing any nasty surprises. Give us a call. We are happy to inform you about the scope of our air conditioning maintenance.

Why make an air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump, plant maintenance?

Due to the cooling process, humid air condenses on the surface of the register. Constant circulation of the air causes more and more pathogenic bacteria and germs to form on the register. Heat exchangers are also exposed to the impurities and dirt on the outside ambient air. As a result, maintenance of the equipment is indispensable. Lifespan is increased and energy costs fall.

What is done for air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump and plant maintenance?

- Cleaning and testing the evaporator, condenser, heat exchanger

- Disinfection of the evaporator, condensate tray, condensate pump

- Cleaning or replacement of the filter

- Cleaning the indoor and outdoor unit

- Checking the condensate drain

- Checking the entire refrigeration circuit for possible leaks, from 3kg refrigerant charge required

- Function check of all safety-relevant shutdown devices

- Testing the evaporation temperature / condensing temperature and pressures

- Regulatory check of settings and components

- Test run of the entire system with control of the operating status and measurements of the operating data according to Check-UP protocol for the maintenance of refrigeration systems and heat pumps

- Entry in the system test book

How often should an air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump, plant maintenance be made?

On air conditioners we recommend once an annual maintenance - if necessary, more often.

From a filling weight of more than 3 kg of refrigerant, it is regulated by law to carry out a leak test once a year.

For refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems, we recommend having the heat exchangers cleaned at least once a year.

For more complex systems that heat and cool can also check the control functions before the respective season.

The right maintenance package for you!

Find the right offer for every device:

Service Package

Small systems

under 3 kg refrigerant filling weight

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over 3 kg refrigerant filling weight

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Large systems

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